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SSH Remote on OpenERP Project (case study)

022512_1403_InstallingO2.pngLast year I developed an Open Source software the OpenERP version 6.0 in Central Java, Indonesia. All the application run well from server-client supported with a high quality server HP ProLiant ML350pG8-675  I was deadly satisfied that all system ran fast and better circumstances there. Ok…I will shorten my story.  Here are the solved problem by my self to connect our server from my home to the office.


Bellow are the internet and intranet feature of the server and clients in my office:

  1. We are using 2 (two) ISP, : speedy and local ISP and we have 1 (one) global IP of speedy (government ISP)
  2. All the internet connections are behind router without proxy
  3. Server :

Server HP ProLiant ML350pG8-675

Client/My Laptop


OS : Linux 12.10. LTS 64bit Desktop






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