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Daftar Software ERP

Free and Open Source ERP software

ERP Package Language Base License Other Info Developer Country
Adaxa Suite Java GPL Integrated ERP Australia/New Zealand
Adempiere Java GPL started as a fork of Compiere Spain
BlueErp PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL GPL
Compiere Java GPL/Commercial Acquired by Consona Corporation in June 2010
Dolibarr PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL GPL ERP/CRM for SME, freelancers or foundations US, France, Belgium, Spain, India, Argentina…
ERP5 Python, Zope, MySQL GPL based on unified model Brazil, France, Germany, Japan Sénégal
Fedena Ruby Apache License ERP for Schools/Universities India
FrontAccounting PHP, MySQL GPL Branched from WebERP
GNU Enterprise Python GPLv3
HeliumV Java AGPL ERP for small and medium businesses Austria, Germany
JFire Java LGPL
Kuali Foundation Java
LedgerSMB Perl GPL
OFBiz Apache, Java Apache License 2.0 ERP for small and medium businesses
OpenPro PHP, MySQL MPL ERP for small and medium businesses USA
Openbravo Java Openbravo Public License (OBPL), a free software license based on the Mozilla Public License (MPL) Spain
OpenERP Python, PostgreSQL AGPLv3, OpenERP Public License formerly Tiny ERP Belgium, India, USA
Opentaps Java AGPLv3 Can run in the Amazon EC2 cloud Worldwide
Postbooks C++, JavaScript, PostgreSQL CPAL Produced by XTuple, uses Qt framework
SQL-Ledger Perl, PostgreSQL GPL
Tryton Python GPLv3 started as a fork of OpenERP
WebERP PHP, MySQL GPLv2 LAMP based system

Proprietary ERP software

ERP vendors

The largest vendors worldwide in 2005 according to Gartner Dataquest:

Market share 2005 according to Gartner Dataquest[1]
# Vendor Revenue

(million $)

Market share


1 SAP 1949 30.33
2 Oracle Applications 1374 21.38
3 The Sage Group 1121 17.44
4 Microsoft Dynamics 916 14.25
5 SSA Global Technologies[2] 464 7.22

Vendors of popular ERP software (total revenue for the whole company):

Vendor Revenue[3]

(Native currency)


(million $)

SAP 9.4 billion EUR 12401.4 2006
Oracle Applications 14.38 billion USD 14380.0 2006
Infor Global Solutions 2.1 billion USD 2100.0 2006
The Sage Group 935.6 million GBP 1832.0 2006
Microsoft 44.3 billion USD 44282.0 2006
Unit 4 Agresso 352.6 million EUR 465.2 2005
CDC Software 409.1 million USD 409.1 2008
Lawson Software 390.776 million USD 390.8 2006
Epicor 384.1 million USD 384.1 2006
Visma 1,907 million NOK 305.5 2005
Industrial and Financial Systems (IFS) 341 million USD 341.0 2009
Comarch 730 million PLN 253.2 2009
QAD 225 million USD 225.0 2006
Cincom Systems 180 million USD 180 2008
COA Solutions Ltd 50.5 million GBP 98.47 2007
NetSuite 193.1 million USD 193.1 2010
SIV.AG 14.2 million EUR 18.7 unknown
Technology One 108.8 million AUD 101 2008
Pronto Software 51.1 million AUD 54.9 2008
Plex Systems 22 million USD 22 2006
Consona Corporation N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) 1984
CMiC N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) 1974
Syspro N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) 2006
OpenPro N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) 1998
Openbravo N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) 2010
OpenERP N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) 2010
A1 ERP N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) 2010
Dolibarr N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) 2010
ProfitKey International N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) 1979
Global Shop Solutions N/A (Private) USD N/A (Private) 1976
WorkBook Software A/S N/A (Private) DKK N/A (Private) 2000

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